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DNB thesis allotment     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/23-24/454 Dated 11/10/2023

Result of MBBS Final year    No. 7_415 Dated 11/01/2023

Roster of DNB teaching progremme     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/23-24/416 Dated 10/30/2023

Roster of DNB teaching progremme     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/23-24/345 Dated 09/25/2023

DNB Teaching progremme     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/23-24/344 Dated 09/25/2023

Case Presentation 21-09-2023    No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/23-24/320 Dated 09/15/2023

syllabus for internal examination of MBBS phase III part (02)     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/23-24/204 Dated 07/26/2023

Organising of Echocardiography camp at GMC Anantnag Associated Hospital     No. 7_130 Dated 06/17/2023

Result of MBBS Final Year (Clinical Assessment)    No. 7_1 Dated 06/17/2023

Result of Renal Dialysis 2nd year    No. 7_97 Dated 05/23/2023

HTN Day 2023    No. 7_83 Dated 05/18/2023

Result of 1st Assessment Test of MBBS Final year     No. 7_86 Dated 05/17/2023

Result of 1st Assesment Test MBBS 3rd year     No. 7_82 Dated 05/12/2023

Case Presentation Roster of Post Graduates    No. 7_033 Dated 04/13/2023

World Tuberculosis Day    No. 7_24-03-2023 Dated 03/24/2023

Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance    No. 7_584 Dated 01/31/2023

Teching of DNB    No. 7_573 Dated 01/28/2023

SOUTHKASH Journal of Internal Medicine- Departmental Magazine     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/22-23/563 Dated 01/20/2023

Journal Club by Dr Zahid Akhtar-DNB General Medicine     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/22-23/561 Dated 01/19/2023

Consultant In charge Medical CCU    No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/22-23/551 Dated 01/14/2023

Weekly Case Presentation     No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/22-23/541 Dated 01/12/2023

Case study of Dr Firdous Masoodi (PG DNB Medicine)    No. 7_EST/GMCA/MED/22-23/520 Dated 01/05/2023