Government Medical College, Anantnag, J&K.


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Post Graduate Department of Internal Medicine Govt. Medical College Anantnag like any other medicine department of medical colleges plays central role in rendering everyday medical services. The department runs services including OPD, IPD, emergency and casualty services (24x7). The department is providing super-specialist services in gastroenterology, Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology and respiratory medicine besides other routine specialist services. The department service to 2/3rd of the patients attending hospital. The department has got NBEM Accreditation for DNB Medicine, Diploma Family Medicine, Diploma respiratory medicine and presently we have post graduate students in these branches besides MBBS and ancillary courses in Dialysis.

The department works round the clock for the improvement of the patient care, increasing the diagnostic facilities and overall patient management. The department intends to reduce the referrals from medicine to zero by augmenting manpower and diagnostic machinery. In this connection necessary requisition for procurement of Bronchoscopy, Thoracoscopy, ERCP, Cath lab has been under process and soon these facilities will be started by the department and it will be a turning point in the patient management of southern Kashmir. Furthermore increasing the bed strength of the medicine wards, ICCU (Medicine) and emergency is our utmost priority. The department has started various research projects keeping in view the overall needs of the community of South Kashmir. The faculty and post Graduates are Pursuing different research projects accordingly.
The faculty of medicine department are working with utmost dedication on a holistic mission to improve the overall patient care by way of newer diagnostic equipments and providing upto date management to our people. With this approach the department intends to reduce the referrals to zero. The faculty has mission to train undergraduates and postgraduate students as per national and international standards so that these students can compete and perform in a much better way.
1). Overall improvement in patient care and management. 2). Increasing the diagnostic methods of different diseases and early recognisation of complication thereby reduce mortality and morbidity. 3). Increasing the bed strength of different section of the department so that there is zero referral to other tertiary hospitals. 4). Improvement in academics of undergraduates and post-graduates so that an ideal, relevant, competent empathetic and knowledgeable doctor/specialist/clinician is produced for the community. 5). Research projects started to address the community health problems of South Kashmir.