Government Medical College, Anantnag, J&K.

The department of Psychiatry at Govt. Medical College , Anantnag came into being with the establishment of this Medical College in 2019. The department has been functioning since the inception of College and has been giving services to cater to the mental health issues of the population. The department has been seeing a weekly case load of 400 -600 patients in the outpatient clinic , situated in Room No. 118 of the associated hospital. The department has well trained and experienced clinical and Para-clinical staff at its disposal.

At present the department has been giving OPD services and IPD services. In future it plans to further expand the Psychotherapy services , enhance the IPD services and starting the brain stimulation treatments.


Dr. Abdul Wahid Khan


Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Dar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Seema Batool Shah


Dr. Javid Iqbal Bhat


Dr. Pinki Kumari

Senior Resident

Dr. Junaid Ahmad


Dr. Aafaq Hyder

Medical Officer (ATF)

Mr. Adil Rasool

Vocational Counsellor

Mental health issues are very prevalent. As per latest WHO report (2019) , depressive disorders are second only to ischemic heart diseases. Although the prevalence is high but the treatment availability , treatment utilization and awareness is very low . Most of the mental health issues behave like other chronic life style illness with a good prognosis at one end and a severe symptomlogy for a minority of these morbid people. The hindrances in treatment are further augmented by the stigma and poor referral of such patients. The services in our part of world are far less than needed and there are a lot of unrecognized mental illness where life could have been made better by some simple interventions.

The mental health issues have been further complicated by disasters at individual and social level . The disasters have been manmade , natural , environmental , economic and health disasters. The key for better mental health results has been the containment of morbidity and mortality vis a-viz a good economic and emotional rehabilitation.

Having said all this we should not underestimate the wealth of coping and resilience which is inherited by this part of world .These qualities have made us stay healthy even through some of the worst crisis of mankind.

To help the people of our state , to tackle this modern global epidemic of mental health morbidity , department of Psychiatry GMC Anantnag has been giving its services . People should shun stigma , stay aware and seek help whenever needed.

Wishing you all a healthy life.

  1. Outpatient general psychiatry (All week days).
  2. Child psychiatry.
  3. Geriatric psychiatry.
  4. Consultation liaison services (All associated hospitals of GMC Anantnag).
  5. Ketamine Therapy.
  6. Basic counseling and Psychotherapy.

All these services can be sought by visiting OPD , Room No.118 on any week day.

  • Sadness , loss of interest , restlessness , Mood changes .
  • Sleep issues and Appetite issues.
  • Anger , irritability , aggression , violence.
  • Fears , phobias , negative thoughts.
  • Drug abuse (any kind).
  • Unexplained body pains , loss of consciousness ,
  • Memory issues of elderly and young.
  • Childhood academic issues , aggression , hyperkinetic symptoms.
  • Early childhood issues of slow development, autisms , ADHD.
  • Ketamine therapy for severe depression.
  • Psychotherapy and counseling for basic mental health issues.
  • Irrelevant talking , suspiciousness , hallucinations , excessive talking.