Government Medical College, Anantnag, J&K.

Pharmacology is the science of drugs. The objective of Pharmacology is mainly to provide such scientific data, using which one can choose a drug treatment of proven efficacy and safety from the various options available, to suit the patient.

Like other biomedical sciences, the boundaries of Pharmacology are extending and it tends to have more than other disciplines. As a multidisciplinary subject its aim is to work with other medical disciplines to optimize the treatment modalities for better patient care which will subsequently reflect in the form of healthy society. The new arrivals on the fringe are pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics. Pharmacology has an important role in pharmaceutical industry where drug discovery and clinical trials are all based on pharmacological principles

The Department of Pharmacology of GMC Anantnag, is involved in teaching Pharmacology to undergraduate MBBS (3rd to 4th semester) and Para-medical students.

Introduction of bedside pharmacology to students at early stage of teaching will give insight of rational therapeutics and adverse drug reaction monitoring

Practical demonstrations on computer simulations and manikins for appropriate skill achievement

Tutorials and seminars will be conducted for regular updates of the knowledge of newer drugs, indications and adverse effects

Motivation to carry out research works and clinical trials for gaining practical know how for future research works


Dr. Sami Manzoor Magray

Assistant Professor & I/C Head

Dr. Nasreen Jan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Rather


Dr. Sehar Tariq


Dr. Nauman Firdous


Dr Raja Ruhail Ashraf


  • Sensitization Programmes and seminars regarding adverse drug monitoring in the associated hospital of GMC Anantnag, amongst paramedics of GMC Anantnag.
  • Call to all departments of associated hospital of GMC Anantnag through posters for ADR reporting.
  • Routine rounds of all the hospital wards and OPDs to collect the possible ADRs.
  • Participation in CME’s held by various departments of GMC Anantnag and associated hospitals.
  • Regular and punctual attendance in grand rounds and mortality meets of GMC.
  • Prescription auditing is done to ensure safe use of medicine, to avoid the harmful effects of drugs and to reduce the wastage of resources.